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xPLHal is the engine at the heart of your Windows-based xPL-based home automation system. It is responsible for processing incoming xPL messages, and executing scripts to perform a wide variety of tasks.
xPL4Java is the an engine for the heart of your xPL-based home automation system. Written in Java, it's available for many platforms. It supports executing xPL scripts and hosting any of the many xPL4Java modules.
Forums for xPL users and developers (mailing list or web access -- your choice)

xPL Developers

Websites belonging to various developers of xPL software and hardware.

Steve Cooper's homepage including a xPL section.
John is the developer of a number of xPL applications based on the .NET framework, and has also contributed to the development of the xPLHal Home Automation Controller. Check out his site for a full list of applications.
The aim of Mark's project is to provide a stable Perl API for the xPL Protocol. The code is not yet complete but is already being used to automate several devices around Mark's home.
Check out Mal's web site for all the latest information on his xPL projects - including the xPL C++ SDK.
Home of Medusa.CM11 x10 interface, Medusa.xPLLogger and the DawnDusk service.
A line of frameworks for Java and C, as well as development tools, hubs and applications. All source code is available.
A suite of xPL modules developped in Lazarus (Free Pascal) around a complete free pascal object library. Source code available on xPL project's SVN

Home Automation

xPL has been developed by members of the UK home Automation Community. Here are some of the member's sites

Mark McCall's site is the main resource of the UK Home Automation Community (and a damn fine read to boot!)

Home Automation Suppliers

Automating your home will require a reasonable outlay on components. These guys are some of the suppliers of the various bits you will need in the UK

Clipsal's C-Bus can provide you with a very powerful lighting and control system, and is easily integrated into an xPL network through use of the xPL C-Gate application. The C-Bus Shop is the UK's largest online supplier of C-Bus equipment, offering excellent customer service and prompt delivery.
With legendary customer service, Laser are regular contributors to the UKHA scene as well as a supplier of an impressive range of home gadgetry.
Lets Automate are another stalwart of the UKHA scene. They supply a wide range of equipment on next day delivery.
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