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xPL gateways provide xPL functionality to devices ,software and services that support programmable interfaces of their own. Hosting these applications on a computer within an xPL network will allow the entire network to control the device in question.

1-wire devices

  • xPL_OWTemp returns the temperatures of any DS1820 or DS1920 1-wire devices on a single 1-wire network. The application requires the TMEX windows software and a 1-wire adaptor to work (D9097U not D9097E are not powered and therefore will not work)
  • xPL_TOM10 provides xPL support for the TOM10, a 10 sensor Temperature Output Module which enables interfacing of up to 10 Dallas DS1820, 18S20, 18B20, 1822 temperature sensors to a PC's serial port. This is a beta version with more functionality to be added soon so report back any bugs.
  • xPL1WireGateway is a xPL gateway for the onewire interface as sold by HobbyBoards. The gateway supports the DS 18/920, the DS 2438, and the DS 2805. Segmented onewire networks by using the DS 2409 microlan chip is also supported.

Barcode Scanners

  • xPL Barcode Readers for Windows and Linux allow the barcodes scanned by a serial barcode scanner to be transmitted as xPL messages, making the data available to any xPL-enabled device on the network. The software has been tested with the Welch Allyn SCANTEAM 3400, however it may also work with other scanners.

Clipsal C-Bus

  • The xPL C-Gate Interface allows full control and monitoring of Clipsal's C-Bus products through use of the freely available C-Gate software.

Comfort Security System

  • The Comfort xPL Interface is a Windows service for xPL-enabling the Comfort security and home automation controller from Cytech Technology, either by using an UCM/Ethernet module, which allows Comfort to be directly connected to the LAN, or by a direct serial port connection to a UCM/01.

CurrentCost Energy Monitors

  • xPLCurrentCost is a Windows service that makes real time power consumption readings from the Current Cost Classic and CC128 wireless energy monitors available on your xPL network.


  • The xPL DMX512 application provides xPL control of the 512 Channel Serial to DMX Transmitter (Part No 1-553) manufactured by Milford Instruments.


  • HVSRV is a C based interface to the HomeVision automation controller. It should compile on any unix-y system, though it was originally developed for linux. Provides a full complement of HomeVision resources to the xPL network (X10, I/R, digital I/O, temp sensors, macros, variables, flags and phone events).
  • xPL_Homevision is a Windows application supporting two communication with the HomeVision controller. The program report and allows control of X10, Inputs, Outputs, Flags, Variables, Macros, Events and much more.


  • The ISDN CID sender (7KB zip file) is designed to be spawned by ISDNCID. It sends the ISDNCID CLID information as an xPL Message


  • The xPL Meteor Service reports all data sent by the Meteor as xPL messages. allowing any xPL-enabled applications respond to caller ID information

Motherboard Monitor

PC Game Port

  • The xPL Game Port Interface allows any devices that are connected to the joystick port of a PC, such as light sensors, PIRs etc. to be integrated into an xPL environment.

PC Serial Port and Parallel Port

  • xPLio is an xPL4Java module that allows you to send data (binary or simple text) to serial and parallel ports on your computer via xPL messages. This allows you to control hardware that may not yet have a xPL driver/interface written for it.



  • The xPL to RFXCOM Interface provides support for the RFXCOM range of RF receivers and transmitters, allowing you to include the following devices in your xPL network: X10 RF and Security RF, Digimax Thermostats, RFXCOM RFXSensor and RFXPower, Visonic PowerCode and CodeSecure, Oregon Scientific weather sensors, Electrisave meters, KlikOn-KlikOff, Domia Lite, ELRO AB600, NEXA, IKEA Koppla, Flamingo AB400 and Harrision curtain motors.


  • The RGBLED xPL4Java Module is a Java based xPL module (designed to run in the xPL4Java server) that provides xPL based control over the RGBLED driver board. The RGBLED driver board provides control of up to 13 RGB LEDs per board and upto 254 boards on a single serial port. You can define simple LED color settings or complex animations/color changes via the xPL interface.

SliMP3 and Squeezebox

  • SlimServer has native xPL support, offering integration of your SliMP3 and Squeezebox network music players into your xPL network.

SMS Messaging

Statnet Thermostats

  • TSRV is a C based interface to the Statnet line of controllable thermostats. The interface can control upto 9 statnet thermostats and includes features like automatic setpoints (you can define different temps for different times of day) and extensive usage tracking (just how much time the heat, cooling and fan have run for the current day, week, month, season, yaer and lifetime) as well as filter change tracking.


TrixBox (formerly Asterisk@Home)

  • The TrixBox project enables the home user to quickly set up an Asterisk PBX. A web GUI makes configuration and operation easy and an xPL interface is provided for easy interaction with other devices in the home.

W800RF32 X10 RF Receiver

  • The xPL W800RF32 Service provides xPL support for the W800RF32 X10 RF receiver from WGL & Associates. Commands sent by X10 RF remote controls and motion detectors are picked up and converted to xPL X10 trigger messages, which can be used to control any xPL enabled device. Supports both standard X10 RF codes and X10 security codes.


  • xPL USB-UIRT allows the USB-UIRT device to be integrated into an xPL network. xPL USB-UIRT is a Microsoft Windows application.

Uninterruptable Power Supplies

  • If your UPS monitoring software includes the ability to run an external program, the xPL UPS Notification Utility command-line tool can be used to inform xPL-enabled devices when the status of your UPS changes, e.g. when a power cut occurs, when bettery is low etc.

Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)

  • The xPL2UPB xPL4Java module allows full control over devices and links (scenes) on a UPB network and reports all changes to UPB devices to the xPL network.


  • The xPL VIOM Interface allows the Versatile Input/Output Module (VIOM) available from Phaedrus Limited to be integrated with other xPL-enabled devices and applications.

Voice Modems

  • xPLPhone (1.7MB zip file) turns your computer's voice modem into a completely xPL-enabled device. This offers an amazing level of flexibility, allowing you to use your PC as an answer machine, a way of controlling your home via telephone, or even for having your emails read to you!

Weather stations

  • The WS2300xPLGateway is a gateway between a xPL network and the WS2300 weather station using the sensor basic schema.


Windows XP Media Center Edition

  • xPLMCE seems to have pretty extensive support for Media Center.

X10 CM11/CM12 Computer Interfaces

  • Medusa.xPLCM11 is an interface to the X10 CM11 computer interface (other names for the same thing: CM12, LM11; compatible with CP10) which installs as a Windows Service and communicates via the xPL "x10.basic" schema.
  • CM11AXPL is a gateway for the CM11A computer interface. It supports the lighting scheme. The gateway is a Java application that runs in the xPL4Java application server but can also run standalone.


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