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SENDMSG.SMTP Message Specification

  • Class = SENDMSG
  • Type = SMTP

This Schema extends the SENDMSG.BASIC Schema to provide the required fields to support sending messages through an SMTP Gateway from an xPL Network.

A message from the xPL network causes a message to be sent through an SMTP Server, which can either be specified within the body of the message, or through a "settings" option within the App. The Gateway application will send a Trigger to reflect the status of the outbound message.

XPL-TRIG Structure

STATUS="Mail Sent" / "Mail Failed"
[ERROR=<Error Message>]

XPL-CMND Structure

BODY=<Message body>
TO=<Email address;multiple@address.allowed>
FROM=<Email Address of Sender>
SUBJECT=<Subject of Email>
[FRIENDLY=<Name of Sender>]
[CC=<Email Address of CC Recipients;seperate multiple with semicolon>]
[BCC=<Email Address of BCC Recipients;as above>]
[SERVER=<IP address of SMTP server>]

XPL-STAT Structure

(hbeat items)

Standard Schema Notes

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