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LOG.BASIC Message Specification

  • Class = LOG
  • Type = BASIC

This schema provides the ability for a device to transmit information relating to it's operation.

XPL-CMND Structure

Not applicable.

XPL-TRIG Structure

type=inf | wrn | err
text=<text to be logged>
[code=<event-specific code>]

XPL-STAT Structure

Not applicable.

Schema Specific Notes

This schema should be used when a device wishes to transmit information relating to it's operation. Messages using the log.basic schema can be monitored centrally and optionally logged to a database to provide a complete operational activity log of an entire xPL network.

The type element should be used to broadly specify the type of information, and can be one of the following values: inf - The message is for informational purposes only. wrn - A warning message to indicate possible problems with a device that may require the attention of the user. err - An error has occurred, causing a device to fail or become partially inoperative.

The text element should be used to specify the information that is being logged. Device vendors should take note of the 128-character limit that applies to any value within a name/value pair.

The code element can be used to specify a numeric representation of the event. Vendors are free to define their own event codes that are specific to their devices. A complete listing of all possible event messages (and their associated event codes, if implemented) should be included as part of the documentation that accompanies any xPL-enabled device making use of the log.basic schema.

Devices should not generate excessive log.basic messages, particularly of an informational variety, as this could lead to congestion of the xPL network.

Standard Schema Notes

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