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IR.BASIC Message Specification

  • Class = ir
  • Type = basic

NOTE: This schema is currently under development and has not been officially accepted by the xPL project. Discussion of this schema is welcomed in the xPL discussion group.

This schema provides the ability to represent raw infra-red data for transmission across an xPL network.

XPL-CMND Structure

Not applicable.

XPL-TRIG Structure

type=<application-specific type>
data=<raw infra-red data>
encoding=hex | base64

XPL-STAT Structure

Not applicable.

Schema Specific Notes

The xPL specification does not permit the inclusion of raw binary data within an xPL message, as the decimal byte 10 would be incorrectly interpreted as a linefeed character.

To overcome this problem, the binary data must be encoded. The ir.basic schema currently supports two encoding types:

Hex encoding involves each byte being represented as a 2-digit hex value, e.g. 255 decimal is represented as FF, 0 decimal is represented as 00. As each byte requires 2 hex characters, this results in a maximum of 64 bytes per message (due to the xPL limit of 128 characters per message element).

Base64 encoding may also be used to encode the raw infra-red data, and results in up to 96 bytes of infra-red data per message.

Standard Schema Notes

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